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Maybe I was back.

I realized I don’t blog much because I don’t have cool pictures to put up with my words so I just don’t do anything.  Well, I’m not a picture taker but I do like to write once in awhile. So I guess I should do something instead of nothing.

It has been an amazing but exhausting week.  I managed to see all Seven (can’t believe there  are really Seven, I’m barely used to being called grandma) Grand-kids. It took driving about  1,538 miles  and just under 24 hours. Not all at ounce of course. And thankfully one of my daughters driving her three hours to bring the boys to me.  

It is amazing to see how beautiful and how truly individual they all are.  One two year old hardly says a word while the other just chatters about. I swear two cousins look exactly like brother and sister.  It may help that their mother’s are twins.  The thing I enjoy most is that no matter whose house I am in, they are having family prayer, family scriptures and have cute little family home evening charts on the wall.   

I was talking to my husband this morning and he said thank you for making me a dad and a grandpa. I said that being a mom was the only thing that I really felt like I was any good at.  We agreed that if you are only going to be good at one thing  that it was the best thing to be good at.(by the way he told me a bunch of other stuff I could do)

So as we contemplate fathers day and families. I just have to say that families really are the best. 




I’m Back

I have been printing out my old posts this morning, so I have some sort of journal of my life.  I quit writing here because I felt my blog was just boring. I’m not good at lots or hardly any pictures.  I’m not into changing formats or any of that. But as I was printing things out, I realized that something is always better than nothing, so I will continue.

Amazing to think that two new people have joined our family. Here is a picture of one.

IMG_20130217_113547And I don’t have a picture yet of our newest grandson.  Watching your kids become parents, is one of the most interesting and rewarding things in life. It brings back memories and sometimes makes me wonder how we ever made it through.  I guess you do one day at a time.

I really couldn’t be more pleased with my kids as parents. I feel so blessed to have four families and so far all of them have been able to have a stay at home mom in the house.  It is such a vanishing thing and I’m glad my children are willing to make the sacrifices to do what is really important.



Funny or weird or whatever

Two things happened Wed. that I found quite interesting and entertaining.  The first was I went to the temple and as the big double doors slid open so I could enter there right in front of me stood a very tall man.  I looked up and it was my husband!  I thought he was toiling away at work and there he was big as life in front of me.  Quite a surprise.  I gave him a big hug.  Neither one of us had bothered to mention we were attending the temple that day.  So there we were coming and going at the same time.  We marveled at how just a minute or two difference in our timing and we never would have seen each other.  Pretty cool.

Later that night I was waiting in the stake offices for an appointment, (I’m speaking in the adult session of stake conference in June) A ward member came and sat by me and said thank you for giving me your husband this past week.  We continued to chat a bit then he picked up his phone and said “this is him do you want to talk” I said sure and took the phone.

ME : Hello

Husband   Hello,

Me  Can I help you

Husband  UMM  I just got a call from this number and was calling back

ME   Do you know who this is

Husband  No Um I was just trying to call back um can I help you

Me  This is your wife!!

We all laughed hystereically there was another couple from the ward waiting as well.  Then of course the stake president comes out while we are al be very irevererent but it was sure fun. The husband  may have a hard time living down not knowing his own wife on the strange phone number.

Life is good, school almost out.  This will be my first summer all alone with an only child teenager, should be interesting.




April Fools

I have to share the best April fools joke I’ve ever played.  This morning I looked at my 16 year old, who had just got his real drivers licence on Fri. and said,

“You’re dad and I were talking and we decided that we weren’t sure you had your 40 hours of driving so we are going to take your licence .  Once we have kept track on the insurance papers we got then you can have it back”

These were some of the comments and reactions I got.

Dan: “Can I just keep my license and not drive?’  Me: “No we want it”

Dan: “You never did this to anyone else”   Me: “So this is what we are doing with you”

I then had to leave and go tell his dad what I had done and laugh for a minute. Then I came back talking about the weather.

Dan: “You remember when I said my drivers ed teacher said we should keep a log and YOU said no we don’t need to worry about that.  I remember you saying those words”   Me: “Sorry I guess I made a mistake”

Dan: “I figured it out and I had my learners for nine months, with all the soccer driving and range and everything I know I got my hours”  Me:” Well, I’m not sure, and until we have 30 hours on the paper you’re not driving”

Storming off to the bedroom slamming the door.  Coming back in a few minutes, “sorry mom about over reacting”

“Oh well, in a couple of months you’ll have your license”

“A couple of months!!!”

Dad: You may even be able to get a lot of hours  today April 1″ (more crying)

Me: “April fools Daniel”

Dan ” Oh my gosh!! I am such a goober”

much laughing all around.

The real funny part;  right after this little episode  I got my annual squirt at the sink because someone had taped the sprayer on the faucet.  He had done that earlier, was fully aware it was April fools day and still believed my little story.



Busy Week

It has been a week since this girl 

entered the MTC.  It was kind of hard because she had been doing everything with me for the past couple of months.  I had almost forgotten how to drive a car or fetch a shopping cart. ( She always like to drive both cars and shopping carts)

It is good though and I am so happy for her.  I know she will make a great missionary and if I ever get lonely I can just go down to her room, the shrine to pandas, and remember her quite fondly.

Then on Saturday this new little one came into the world

Isn’t he cute with his big brother.  I can’t wait for Easter this year because that is when I get to see him.  There should be a law about cute grand kids living across the country from grandma.

Also this past week we made a trip to Dillon Montana (probably not my first or hundreth choice spots for a vacation) to see this boy

play his final college basketball game.  It has been a fun ride for many years.  Unfortunately it ended with a 2 point loss. But he had a great game and it was fun to be there with him.

We also had a 16 birthday party for this boy

Hard to believe that my baby is 16.  He had a great party and now wants his licecesne a few more hours behind the wheel and I guess I will have to give in and let him drive.  He told me the reason he really wants to get it is so that he  can get through his six months of not driving friends and go on dates.  (Maybe I should drag me feet a little longer)

So that is the recap of the week.  Now I just have normalcy to look forward to, sometimes stopping and breathing isn’t all bad though.



A Blessed Life

In my sleepless early morning as I tried to get a little more sleep my mind started counting blessings and it is rather amazing.  I think I’ll start at the beginning (don’t worry it will be brief).

The story of my married life goes like this.

We met in May had our first date in June, got engaged in July and married in August.  We celebrated our first anniversary with a two month old baby; our fourth we celebrated with four children; two more blessing would come by our eighth and our bonus prize came as we celebrated 12 years of marriage.

Fast forward several years and I realized that in a  six year span  we  will have had six children receive their  temple blessing, sent four missionaries out; witnessed  four temple sealings; and been blessed with four grandchildren.

The sixth temple blessing happens today when Clarissa goes to receive her endowment in preparation to serving the Detroit Michigan mission.  The fourth sealing will be in a week and a half when Ben marries his very beautiful sweetheart Sarah.

My life is truly blessed, I don’t have any idea why I am so blessed but I am and owe it all to a loving Father in Heaven and  the beautiful atonement of his Son.

Soccer Boy




This is my soccer boy.  He just finished his fall season with his club team and was named Player of the Year.  Pretty cool for him.  He plays goalie and saved 85% of the shots on target.  His team did pretty good and he definately helped.  He had a coach that just moved here from Ireland.  I think my favorite part of being at the games was hearing him talk.  He has a real cool Irish accent and instead of yelling at the boys when things went bad he would just say “unlucky.”  It was also very fun to watch Daniel and his saves.  His coach said when he was announcing him that is was someone who put his body on the line, which he did many times.  Always makes the poor mom nervous to see all those cleat laden feet next to her boys cute little face.  So far injuries have only been on the legs so I guess there are really no worries.

Not too sad it over though now we can come in and watch basketball .  The last couple of games got a bit cold.