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I wonder where my old children came from.
I have one who wears a watch pendant around her neck, quilts and does genealogy.
I have another who putters around the garden from early spring to late fall
I have another who wishes he lived 100 years ago so he could find a wife that would cook and clean for him.
I have another whose dream is to drive around in big old fancy Buick or Cadillac with all the bells and whistles.
And then there is this ps from what has to be my best “old man” young kid
“PS i wear suspenders every day now 🙂 i think i might have to add those to my outfit for the rest of my life along with velcro shoes, they are so comfy!”

So if anyone out there has a clue to the mysterious old gene that floats about my family I’d love to hear about it. But I will just delude myself and say it all comes from their father because I am as young as can be!



It has been a bitter sweet day.  The bitter is that my buddy for the last few months is gone. The sweet is that my buddy for the last few months is on his mission.  First let me say that the new curbside service at the MTC is way better than watching church commercials getting all teary eyed and then leaving.  This was simple, exact and to the point.  He was very happy and I know glad to get gone.

I will miss our fishing trips, watching him play with Peter, the guitar and banjo playing, cooking for someone who loves to eat, being his companion and listening to him teach the discussions, his very happy attitude all the time, and his easy going ways.

I will not miss: towels on the floor, shoes spread from the front yard to the back yard and everywhere in between, worrying about where he is tonight, listening to really old country music on the radio, and the “trail” of belongings throughout the house.

The misses win over the no misses, but really I am glad to be a missionary mom again, it really is a great job!

And here is the picture of our very giant missionary (he looked huge when I dropped him off today)

I’m Glad

Pack up the stuff on Daniel’s bed,

Fill his water bottle, make peanut butter sandwich,

Pick up his teammate

Go to the high school to get Daniel who stayed after to watch cool miniseries for extra credit in AP history, no we didn’t discuss which door to pick up at.

Drive around the school twice finally get him

Avoid construction on state street,

Arrive at practice exactly on the hour,

Run a few errands,

Come back to soccer field

Retrieve Daniel,

Don’t watch as he changes from soccer practice clothes to soccer ref uniform,

Drive him about a quarter of a mile,

Leave him to ref a game,

Come back, pick him up with dinner in a bowl,

Deliver him to the church for scouts.

Wonder how on earth I ever did this with 7 kids that needed me.

Tell him I’m glad I don’t have a life so he can have one.

Really mean that,

Be very glad that I’m a mom.


Maybe I should just start the day over

It all started last night at 10:00 pm.  I was curled up nicely on the couch having my nap before bed when a very firm knock came at the door.  The husband went and answered it.  It was the nice friendly policeman wondering if we drove a white kia.  Apparently someone had called in that it had been driving on the sidewalk over at the vacant Jr. High.  Oh and about an hour before that I had walked in to a massacre of apples that had been macheted  all  over the front yard.  The yard of which I had spent much time and sweat mowing and trimming earlier in the day. Anyway back to the sidewalk, of course a he who shall not be named 19 year old was guilty of both offences.  The police man seemed rather put out that he even had to make the call.  He said that he couldn’t write a citation because he didn’t see it, but that the people who called could sign a ticket.  Haven’t heard anything yet so he should be okay.

Upon waking this morning I found a wet spot on the carpet from the dog we are tending.  I got it all cleaned up walked down the hall and stepped in poop.  ( good thing the dog is cute and nice, but he will be in the garage tonight).  Then about a half hour later the phone rings and it is my credit card company saying they were investigating what appeared to be fraudulent  actvitiy.  She asked if I had made a charge for a dollar something to some obvious porn site, I said I definitely hadn’t.  So the card is now canceled.  Then I looked for my card and couldn’t find it.  Then I realized I had used it at the movie the night before  and still had it in another corner of my purse.  So someone stole my number.

Now the good thing is; that the movie I had seen the night before was 17 miracles, so I had the perspective of what real problems are and I am enjoying the rest of my day.

Interesting events

Three things have happened in the last 24 hours of note. I’ll discuss in chronological  order.

Event one.  Last night Ben was waiting for a girl to get in touch with him because they were going out to shoot his shotgun.  She never made contact so he asked if I wanted to go. I had priests and laurels in the back yard with the bishop;  cute little Peter in the basement with his parents and dishes to be done but I said sure.  Then it was off to Walmart to buy ammunition and clay pigeons.  The clerk asked Ben if he was going out in the morning he said no tonight if we still have day light.  Then the clerk said “Well you and your wife have a good time.”  We walked away and laughed.  I said well that made my day, and Ben said “I don’t know how I should feel being here with grandma.”

We did make it to the shooting place just a dusk.  I was taught how to throw pigeons,(just so you know I’m terrible at it I would get a couple of good ones off and then I couldn’t even manage to get the disk out of the the little thrower thinger)  I’m sure many more pigeons were wasted than shot, but I did manage to throw some decent enough for him to shoot.  I shot exactly 5 shots.  No I didn’t hit anything but came close once.  I may have tried more but my shoulder didn’t have it in it.

Event 2  Clarissa came in after she had left the house to go to work and asked if anyone had be rumaging through the console of her car.  After some discussion we realized that someone had been in all three of the cars.  She had some very plastic jewelry taken and her CD case.  Nothing seemed to be missing from the other vehicles.  I wondered if the police would like to know about such things and they did.  So a very nice officer came by and got my report, then Clarissa came home and said she found her CD case in the trunk so it wasn’t missing.  So the great theft of the night amounted to some fake pearl earrings and plastic beads.  Which goes to show you should probably lock your cars at night but on the other hand if you don’t have anything worth stealing then nothing is stolen.

Event 3.  This one is really pathetic and shouldn’t be worth mentioning but I have to.  First some background.  Ben had started to play four suit spider solitaire,  I told him not to waste his time it couldn’t be beat.  He persisted and has now beat the game five or six times.  Not to be outdone by him I have tried to also win and today I did.  Isn’t that pathetic to be excited to have won a solitaire game on the computer, oh well simple pleasures for simple people.

Well enough of my interesting events, it is now time to go do the uninteresting task of dishes and mopping the floor.

Very!! Random thoughts.

I went to the high school yesterday and paid the fees so my baby could start high school.  This is kind of a strange feeling.  Lots of things are strange now.  Being called grandma, I hope to someday  get used to that but right now I still wonder how such a youngster could be a grandma.  I guess it is good I don’t feel old, but I really don’t know how old I am.  I look at people and wonder if they are my age, I just can’t figure it out anymore.

Now actually being a grandma is amazing.  Seeing the cute little faces, holding little bodies, and sitting next to a little grandson while he watches “2 cars.”  Nothing is better.

Then there is home life this summer.  It has been as if I was dropped into a boys dorm and asked to share a room with a bunch of guys.  For most of the summer I tried to be the good “mom” figure and clean up after everyone.  Lately I’ve given up and decided that the roommate mentality might be a little more agreeable ( until the mess drives me crazy, then it is usually back to mom)  It is fun having the boys around and they have been quite helpful just not really neat.

Okay I think I’ve rambled all around the world with this post, but I guess that is just what’s on my mind. Oh and one last random thought.  I was watching Dick Van Dyke yesterday ( that is my new workout show)  Laura and bleached her hair to be more interesting to her husband, decided that it was a bad idea and gone back brown.  The last scene little Richie was talking to his dad and said something like mommy was prettier with yellow hair but that he wanted mommy to look like mommy.  It made my day to think that looking like mommy or grandma or whoever I am is just what is best.



Today is an amazing day in my life.  The carpet installer is downstairs putting the carpet in our downstairs family room.  YEA!  It’s done.  This project has loomed over me for 18 years, well not really loomed all that time.  In the beginning it was fine to just have space.

I’ll never forget the spaceships built out of cardboard and the weapons made from legos as the starship enterprise battled the aleins

The many many indoor basketball games which elicited at one point an orange cage cover over the light bulb so it wouldn’t be shatered again.

Halloween parties,  curtains made in the storage room and a couch and TV kind of set up so it could be used as a TV room and the many Mario party parties.  We won’t mention the time it got referred  to as the “make out room” (hey I got son’s in law and cute granddaughters from that part)

The furniture painted, the science projects built; the swords shields and castles made for medieval units in sixth grade.  Furniture stored for people now and again.

The project itself started many years ago with the sheet rock being nailed to the wall, then one daughter thought it would be fun to learn to start mudding and taping, more years passed, then a new son-in-law saw a good project he could do and commenced with more mudding and taping, and the dreadful sanding, I remember him coming up covered head to toe in white dust.  Then another year passed and my son decided to take his hand at texturing, another year passed and a different daughter decided that she would be foreman of this project and get it done.  Thanks to all this great help and inspiration we made it.

Now a new generation of family members will be able to use the space and little more comfortably,  but you know maybe all those cement walls and lack of structure led to some imagination and fun that never would have been otherwise.